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Board of Directors

NP4PD founding members made the first appointment to the Board of Directors (BOD) as interim office until the 2nd general assembly of her registered members conducted then the Board will be formed as per the close in the Constitution. However, all terms in the constitution shall apply from the date of taking office.

The office of the Board of Directors is made up of nine (9) Executive members; the chairperson and the deputy, Secretary/Ex-officio, Treasurer and head of departments/committee chairpersons and Executive members as listed below:


Management Team

Name Designation Qualification Area of expertise
Tongo James Elisama Executive Director BA in International Relations and Diplomatic studies
Diploma in Business Administration and Management
Governance, Peace Education, Youth Creative Arts.
Riti Kennedy Silvester Projects Officer Diploma in Organizational Management Project Cycle Management
Durusila Mangowa Finance and Administration Officer Diploma in Accounting majoring Finance and Banking Project cycle Management
Sity Salome David Cashier Certificate in Financial Management Petty Cash Management
Steven Joab CSF Field Supervisor Certificate in Masonry concrete Practice and Joinery Construction Work, fixtures and fittings
Gibson Didi Security Guard, Lui Office Certificate in Community security and safety Surveillance and safety measures
Esther American Cleaner Certificate in Housing maintenance, cleaning and hospitality Office cleaning and hospitality
Oliver Justin Security Guard, Juba Office Ordinary level completed, Diploma in Apprenticeship X combatant Safety and Security
Gureva Security Guard, Juba Office X Combatant Safety and Security