Peace Building


With the focus on attaining peaceful South Sudan, NP4PD engages communities in meaningful dialogues, early warning and early responses, trauma awareness and healing, nonviolence education, conflict mitigation, transitional justice and retributive justice.

NP4PD implemented the following projects:

  1. Community Peace-building and Communication (CPC) Project in Mundri East 2014 with funding from European Union through OXFAM Novib in Partnership with IPCS.
  2. Providing A Child Friendly Space (CFS) Project in Lui Payam, Mundri East County in 2016 with funding from the German Embassy in South Sudan
  3. Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere (CPA) Project in Mundri East, Mundri West and Mvolo Counties in 2016-2017 with funding from Sweden through UNDP.
  4. Peace Mobilizers’ Fellowship (PMF) in Juba 2018 with funding from Australian Embassy in Ethiopia.